What is microblading ?

Not everyone is lucky enough to have full, easy-to-work eyebrows. Perfectly defined eyebrows add real value to your make-up and bring out the beauty of your eyes. But are you tired of spending all your time trying to draw them every morning? Well, there is a solution: microblading.

A real innovation, this technique has won over many people and is becoming a must in the beauty world. What is microblading? How does it work? How long does it last? In this article, we answer all your questions.

Qu’est-ce que le microblading ?

Microblading: an innovative technique to enhance your eyebrows!

Microblading, also known as the 6D technique, is a semi-permanent make-up method based on an ancestral Asian technique. It is a natural restructuring of the eyebrows, carried out using a metal pen and nano-needles. The reconstruction is done by placing coloured pigments under the skin. The principle is simple: the professional redesigns the eyebrow, then fills in the empty spaces, and that's it!

Unlike permanent make-up, microblading in Paris offers a very natural result, as the hairs are reproduced one by one. Moreover, the tracing is ultra-fine, in order to imitate the natural hairs of your eyebrows.

The procedure of a microblading session

Microblading is generally done in 2 sessions. The first one lasts between 1 and 2 hours; it is a decisive step, because it is at this moment that most of the work will be done. Before proceeding with the pigmentation, the professional will draw your eyebrows according to the shape and the expected results. The technician then proceeds to the restructuring by drawing your eyebrow hair by hair with the needles.

Once the first session is over, you will have to schedule a second appointment to finalize the operation. Some touch-ups will be necessary to make your semi-permanent make-up last. The second session should be scheduled approximately 4 to 5 weeks after the first.

Microblading : how long does it stay on the skin ?

The duration of the new eyebrows can vary from person to person, and is usually based on skin type. In most cases, microblading can last up to 1 year. The best thing is to touch up several times a year to avoid having to work too deeply and to keep the skin healthy. For an optimal and long-lasting result, you should not do any sport in the days following the operation. It is also important to maintain good facial hygiene, as this can damage the skin and eyebrows. Thus, it is preferable to use a PH neutral soap to clean the face. Your professional will advise you on the creams and care to adopt to keep your new eyebrows healthy and make them last.

Microblading and pain

Having pigments inserted under the skin may seem scary, but it's nothing to worry about. Again, the pain is subjective, but what is certain is that you will not be in pain. Some people refer to the pigmentation procedure as a slight tingling sensation.

It is important to know that compared to permanent make-up, the needles of microblading penetrate less deeply under the skin. This makes it much less painful, but above all less dangerous for the skin.