Does microblading hurt ?

Originating from an ancestral Japanese technique, microblading has been a great success for several years now. Since 2016, having full eyebrows has become a new fashion, even a must for "make-up addicts". Microblading makes it possible to obtain perfect eyebrows, without altering their natural appearance. If this technique seduces more and more people, the question of pain remains a brake for some people. Does microblading hurt? What does the pain look like? What about the days following the procedure? We lift the veil on this famous technique of permanent make-up.

Le microblading, what is it ?

Make-up techniques have evolved in recent years, leading to a real boom in the beauty sector. After dermo-pigmentation, microblading is making its grand entrance into the world of make-up. This method of permanent make-up consists of pigmenting the skin in order to achieve a perfect imitation of natural eyebrows.

Microblading is carried out using a metal pen and nano-needles to introduce the pigments under the skin. The process is similar to permanent make-up, the only difference being that the needles do not penetrate as deeply into the epidermis. Thus, it is a less painful technique than permanent dermo-pigmentation or tattooing.

Le microblading : subjective pain

Should we be afraid of semi-permanent eyebrow make-up? This is a question that comes up very often, because of the very nature of the method. It is true that it is never reassuring to have needles inserted under the skin, even if they are very fine.

It is common for some people to feel no pain at all during the session, but others may feel some discomfort. What is certain is that microblading is not as painful as one might imagine. The needles only penetrate the superficial part of the epidermis, which makes it a completely benign procedure. During the process, it is possible to feel some tingling, discomfort, or slight pain, but nothing more.

Furthermore, the impact of microblading cannot be generalised, as there are many factors involved. The intensity of the pain is specific to each person, but especially to each type of skin. A person who has already had similar operations in the past certainly has a much more sensitive skin. This person is likely to be in more pain than someone who has never touched their skin.

Healing, results and duration

In the days following the treatment, special care is required to accelerate the healing process and keep the new eyebrows longer. It is imperative to keep the eyebrows away from humidity, sun and UV rays. It is also important to moisturise the skin with a mild solution and to avoid sports.

Note also that the eyebrows appear darker after the operation, but will gradually fade with time. Some scabs may appear, but will disappear over time. We strongly advise against scratching or touching the sensitive area during the healing process. In case of pain, you can consult a professional, or the technician in charge of the microblading.