Does microblading go away ?

Microblading, also known as dermopigmentation, is a semi-permanent make-up technique that allows the eyebrows to be drawn. It is a very precise technique and ensures a result perfectly adapted to the shape of the client's face, as microblading is done by hand, hair by hair. But does microblading fade over time ?

A mandatory touch-up session

Microblading is an ancestral technique that comes from Asia and has met a great success with the stars in Hollywood. It consists of obtaining a natural look by injecting pigments under the skin, using a metallic pen and nano-needles. The injection is shallow. The body will eliminate some of the pigments in the first few weeks. Therefore, the eyebrow specialist plans a touch-up session within a month. This session will ensure an optimal shape and thickness of the eyebrows.

Gradually fading pigments

The pigment is implanted in the dermis and not in the epidermis, which is constantly being renewed. The result is therefore more durable. However, the injection is less deep than with permanent make-up and therefore does not damage the hair bulb. Also, the pigmentation never disappears completely but fades gradually. This gradual disappearance is always done in a harmonious way. In fact, unlike what sometimes happens with permanent make-up, the colour does not turn blue or red.

The durability of microblading depends on several factors, including the skill of the professional and the quality of the pigments. This is why the beauticians in our practice have a specific training in this technique for drawing eyebrows. In addition, we select the best pigments, pigments that are long-lasting and not harmful to health. In addition, factors specific to each client also come into play. For example, microblading does not last as long on oily skin or if the woman is exposed to a lot of sun.

How to keep good eyebrows ?

Depending on the nature of the skin and the client's taste, the length of time between each touch-up varies. In most cases, two annual microblading sessions in Paris are recommended. The eyebrow beauty specialist will apply only the necessary amount of pigment to obtain a perfect result.

We recommend two or three touch-ups per year so as not to have to work too deeply and thus keep a beautiful skin over time. Thanks to these techniques, the client has well defined eyebrows with a natural look, without having to spend long minutes in the bathroom every morning.